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About the North Lincolnshire Data Observatory

The North Lincolnshire Data Observatory is an online resource that provides easy access to population, economic, community safety, health and education data for local authorities, partner agencies and communities across North Lincolnshire.

Information is displayed by Theme and pre-formatted Profiles and Reports through the use of interactive maps, dynamic charts and tables. The system also stores useful documents and strategic assessments such as the JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) for North Lincolnshire.

Through having a single regional data store it is hoped to improve the consistency of the data collected and through a range of tools and processes store, analyse and publish data in order to improve understanding and decision making across services throughout North Lincolnshire whilst making the data more accessible to partner organisations and members of the public.

Information which is contained within The North Lincolnshire Data Observatory is available down to ‘LSOA level’ areas and includes:

  • National Statistics from ONS
  • Local Information Statistics
  • Fire & Rescue Data
  • Police Data
  • Economic Data
  • Health Data
  • Environmental Data

The North Lincolnshire Data Observatory is a member of the ‘Humber Data Observatory Group’. Information for the Humber region can be found on the Humber Data Observatory.

Other observatory systems within each Local Authority in the sub-region automatically draw upon Humber wide data but more specifically can hold particular data and information appropriate for local area needs. Access to the other local authority areas is available on the Links to Local Data Observatories tab on the home page

'The North Lincolnshire Data Observatory, improving data analysis efficiency and enhancing partnership and collaborative working in North Lincolnshire.’